The Answers Are Simple, But The Practice is Hard

There is a structured approach you can take to achieve success in almost anything. The process on how to achieve these things are out there. Much of it these days is even free.

Then why isn’t everyone successful?

Because simply there is never a short cut for hard work.

I chat to people all the time in my industry of martial arts that seem to know the answers, but then fail to achieve the success the answers promise. There’s no secret, knowing something, and doing it are two very different things.

We all know that a Jab for instance is the backbone to a great striking game, but you would still need to put in the flight time to get it to the level that would make it world class.

In the end, the answers are almost always simple, but the practice on the other hand is hard. People who are successful, are never afraid of either the practice, or the hard work that comes with it.


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