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Playing Your Way To Success

Have you ever woken up on a blustery, rainy morning and instinctively wanted to splash through puddles like you did as a child? Without even thinking, you pull on your raincoat and boots and head out for a walk. As the wind and rain slashes your cheeks and the dampness penetrates your bones, you surrender to this experience of nature and observe the world with wide-open eyes.

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Creativity, Innovation & Risk (Yes Risk!)

In 2012 I completed my masters degree in leading innovation and change. What stood out were the importance of creativity and innovation, as two crucial key ingredients that enabled some companies and people to excel over time, whilst others failed. In simple terms creativity is seen as coming up with those big ideas, whilst innovation is about applying them. Taking my own personal experience as a martial artist and coach for over two decades, I began to think about how these two key ingredients creativity and innovation show up on the mat, and how in turn I could leverage that with my clients.

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