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Flow As The Way!

In Monkey-Jits, my BJJ program, our tag line is, Flow as the Way! What does that mean, and why should you even care?

What I have noticed over the years coaching BJJ — is that when a student has an amazing experience rolling, and they have their best performance — what they unknowingly describe about that experience, is the Flow State. The flow state, is an embodied state that you enter, in moments of peak performance. People typically describe how time seems to slow down in the role. The self vanishes, past/future disappear, and only the present moment exists. A persons actions and awareness merge, making them feel fully connected to every move.

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Just A Guy Doing Jiu-Jitsu

For a long time, I had a love hate relationship with jiu-jitsu. I initially began training it, because it was clear that to be a complete fighter, having a ground game was imperative (I still self-defence ground skills are imperative). This was only three years after the first UFC, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was all the buzz. It made perfect sense to then follow that path to ground proficiency. When I started, I never expected to become a black belt, let alone a 3rd degree. The attainment of the black belt seemed so distant, and to be honest I wasn’t entirely sure how you would get there!

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