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The Maslow of Crazy Monkey

Chances are if you took psych as an undergrad you may have come across Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This is a theory of human motivation posited by Abraham Maslow, a psychologist in 1943. I have used a modified form of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs with my own students. I find that, often, people are not clear on their motivations for taking up martial arts.

Why would this even be important?

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5 Street Fighting Lessons I learned The Hard Way

It was a quite Saturday night at Foxies, a pub in the heart of the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg. I was on the call box, speaking to a friend on the phone. Suddenly a group of men and woman entered the lower end bar of the pub. I could see them from the corner of my eye, rowdy, loud, and screaming profanities at other patrons. Some patrons got up and left, others tried not to make any eye contact with them. My eyes fixed on one individual of the group. Staring back at me, he first hurled some profanities my way, then threw a beer bottle at me. I dodged, put the phone down, and walked up to the group.

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Great To Be Mentioned…But You Don’t Know CMD!

“If you want to keep your head on your shoulders in a fight, I strongly recommend Rodney’s Crazy Monkey Defense Program.” – Adam Shahir Kayoom – World Professional Muay Thai Champion and Muay Khmer Champion

Sadly, as it is with many things, you get known for one thing, but then no one bothers to do proper research on the rest. For example, there are many combat athletes that have used ‘Crazy Monkey’ in the cage or the ring, but often, who ever showed them, only covered the very ‘basics’ of the defence (only!). The rest of the system was left out. Watching a DVD, and then teaching it to your athlete, doesn’t qualify you in understanding the system. Not to mention, no DVD, or course I have ever created that is available online, can offer the nuances necessary to give you all the tools of the CMD game like in person training. That’s why we have a trainers program.

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The Offensive-Defensive Paradigm: What’s Not Evolving in the Fight Game!

There’s a big difference in my mind between fight-toughness, and fighting-smart. If you go into any of the competitive ‘fight’ schools, not matter if it’s Muay Thai, boxing or MMA, and you spend enough time there, you will become tough. This isn’t going to happen however if you train a couple of times a week. To build a good level of ‘fight-toughness’ takes hours of dedication, some insanity, and training every day in the fight gym.

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