Crazy Monkey Defense

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Crazy Monkey Defense is what I got known for. It’s my personal take on a modern martial arts stand up program. The focus of Crazy Monkey is to help you develop the CORE striking capabilities through structured coaching. Crazy Monkey is founded on ‘Street Boxing’ principles, which means not only will the skills you learn in enable you to achieve success on the mat in sparring, but ultimately in self-preservation. If you truly want to develop a functional modern martial art game, I suggest you start with the CORE Crazy Monkey Curriculum first.

Learning & Training Options:

Below you will find three membership options to learn and train Crazy Monkey Defense. If you don’t want to sign up for a membership, and want to purchase one of our downloadable training’s, CLICK HERE.[/vc_column_text][ultimate_spacer height=”30″][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][ultimate_spacer height=”50″][vc_video link=”″ align=”center” css=”.vc_custom_1475826930912{background-color: #000000 !important;border-radius: 4px !important;}”][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_cta h2=”CRAZY MONKEY FOR ANYONE” h4=”Learn from Aynwhere in the World” txt_align=”center” color=”black” add_button=”bottom” btn_title=”COURSE MEMBERSHIPS” btn_style=”flat” btn_color=”blue” btn_size=”lg” btn_align=”center” btn_i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-file-video-o” btn_button_block=”true” btn_add_icon=”true” btn_link=”||target:%20_blank|” btn_custom_onclick=”true”]Learn the exact same curriculum that we teach around the world. Choose from one game to develop, or all of them. All memberships are course driven, and have a dedicated Group Leader, forum and discussion group. Memberships are continuously evolving, as we add more drills, and in-depth knowledge based on all components of the course. Click below to see all our membership courses.[/vc_cta][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_cta h2=”LEAD A GARAGE GROUP” h4=”Get some friends together & train Crazy Monkey” txt_align=”center” color=”black” add_button=”bottom” btn_title=”FIND OUT MORE” btn_style=”flat” btn_color=”blue” btn_size=”lg” btn_align=”center” btn_i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-home” btn_button_block=”true” btn_add_icon=”true” btn_link=”||target:%20_blank|” btn_custom_onclick=”true”]Now you can open a ‘not for profit’ training group. Get some friends together and train through the Crazy Monkey curriculum. No matter if it’s in your garage or park  this is a great option if you want to explore Crazy Monkey with others on the mat  without committing to become a CMD Trainer. There is also an option to have your game evaluated by a Licensed CMD Trainer. Click the button below to find out more.[/vc_cta][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_cta h2=”BECOME A LICENSED TRAINER” h4=”Teach Crazy Monkey Defense” txt_align=”center” color=”black” add_button=”bottom” btn_title=”FIND OUT MORE” btn_style=”flat” btn_color=”blue” btn_size=”lg” btn_align=”center” btn_i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-globe” btn_button_block=”true” btn_add_icon=”true” btn_link=”||target:%20_blank|”]Always dreamed of teaching a functional martial art system, or do you teach already? The trainers program is ideal for people just starting out to teach, or want to integrate Crazy Monkey Defense into their current gym offerings. Not only will you be able to teach Crazy Monkey, charge for lessons, but also certify your students in our Glove Ranking System. Click the button below to find out more.[/vc_cta][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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