The Dysmorphia of Martial Functionality & The Elephant in the Room!

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I get asked all the time what do I think about X martial arts instructor, X style or method of martial arts. With the advent of social media, I made a decision that I would never comment by ‘name’ on other people’s work in the martial arts industry. The truth is, not only have I had my fair share of …

‘I Am Only Here To Learn How To Fight!’

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In 2012 I embarked on a formal educational journey (i.e., my PhD), which I now realise was in fact a culmination of years of informal study. You see, as far back as a decade ago, I began to realise that my personal performance in the ‘fight game’ was largely predicated on what was happening on the inside. Said another way, …

Violence isn’t a solution to most problems — except when violence is the only solution to the problem

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Most people are uneasy when talking about violence, especially if they have never had to engage in it. In fact, often, those who suggest violence is never the answer have grown up in places in the world where front doors can be left open. Yet, in many places in the world, violence of various kinds is an everyday reality.

How Boxing Taught Me To Sweat The Small Stuff


There is a lot of fuss made about setting goals. Tony Robbins says, “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” I think goals are great, but it seems that most people never achieve them, partly because they don’t realize that a goal is part of a journey. Setting a goal without action is simply …