Open a Garage Group with a Group of Friends, or Start Teaching Professionally

Becoming a Trainer in one of my programs is close to my heart. Teaching martial arts is something I have consistently done for well over 2 decades. It provided for my family, and allowed me to live an amazing life. I am fortunate, and grateful that I am able to offer the same opportunities to others.

I currently have two programs you can become a trainer in:

  • Crazy Monkey Defense
  • Monkey Jits – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Combat Intelligent Athlete (coming soon)

In both these programs, there is an option to open a Garage Group (which is not for profit) or join the Licensed Trainers program where you can teach commercially, and recognize students either in our Glove Program (CMD) or belts and stripes (MJ).

How To Get Started

Choose an option below that best suites your needs (scroll down to see a side by side comparison of benefits). Once you have decided on the option that best suites you, click the apply button. Fill in the quick application form, and then schedule a call with Rodney. On that call Rodney will answer any questions you may have, as well as outlining what exactly is entailed in becoming either a Garage Group or Licensed Trainer in one of his programs.

PLEASE NOTE: I only accept a certain number of Garage Groups and Trainers. Once the available slots are full, enrollment is closed, and you will have to wait until a slot becomes available. You can view how many slots are available by checking below the boxes.


$60.00 PER/MONTH

Get some friends together and start a Crazy Monkey or Monkey-Jits Garage Group. Great for people who want to train Crazy Monkey or Monkey-Jits, but don’t want to open a commercial martial arts school. Many full time trainers also started with a Garage Group first before going full time.



$150.00 PER-MONTH

Officially teach Crazy Monkey Defense or Monkey-Jits (BJJ) charge for lessons and recognize your students for their achievements. Includes full brand benefits and the opportunity to run a fully branded CMD or MJ facility if you so choose, or add CMD or MJ as a program into your existing martial arts school.




We are committed to helping veterans in reaching their goal of teaching one of our programs. As we have worked extensively with the military and law enforcement, with many of our trainers either in active service, or now retired – this is our way of giving back to our Warriors. Just set up a call with Rodney to discuss the details.


Various Benefits of The Two Program Options


Crazy Monkey or Monkey Jits
$60.00 Per-Month
  • Open a Garage Group, and use the Garage Group Logo’s
  • Access the online membership courses, and teach those to others.
  • You will be assigned a licensed Trainer as your go to person for questions, or troubleshooting.
  • Opportunities to be evaluated in CMD or MJ by an authorized Senior Coach are available. This however has to be done in person. You can either go a trainer we designate for you, or you can host that trainer for an in-house workshop (Please note: this is not free. Workshop fees/travel etc, must be covered and or if you travel to a Senior Coach their private lessons fees must be paid).
  • You can teach from anywhere, a garage, park etc, as long as it’s not for profit. You can however accept donations from your current training partners to cover the monthly Garage fee. One person, a Group Leader must be responsible for the account.
  • Officially teach Crazy Monkey or Monkey Jits commercially. Use all our branding to advertise your studio, gym etc. You can open a fully branded CM or MJ gym (terms apply) or you can add our programs into your own existing martial arts school. Please Note: If you already run your own martial arts school, and you are teaching other styles, Crazy Monkey or Monkey Jits has to have its own presence in your facility. This applies if you are teaching out of someone’s school too. In other words, we expect our programs to be taught as stand alone systems as you would any other system or style that you or your school offers.
  • Access all the online membership courses and teach those to your students. In addition you will be given access to Trainers only web-classes throughout the year, covering coaching approached, how to teach more effectively and how to run a successful studio.
  • Evaluate and recognize your own students in either Crazy Monkey’s Glove Ranking System or award stripes and belts for Monkey-Jits (BJJ). Please note: your ability to recognize your students is based on the level you currently have in our programs. You can also be personally evaluated when you are ready either at our Annual Training Camp in Malaysia (August each year) or with a Senior Coach in our programs. We have coaches all over the world, so there is always opportunity to be personally recognized on your own game development.
  • You will be assigned a Regional Training Director who will be your go to person for any questions you have, or to troubleshoot. In most instances your Regional Training Director is also responsible for your evaluation.
  • You will be given access throughout the year to add-on workshops that you can teach your students. go beyond the CORE curriculum of our programs.

What If I Want To Teach Both Programs?

Many of our Garage Group Leaders or Trainers teach both Crazy Monkey Defense and Monkey Jits (BJJ). Simply contact Rodney and set up your call, and he will discuss with you how that works. A discounted rate is available if you coach both programs.